Podcasting: Why You Need It & How to Start?

4 min readApr 11, 2021


Instagram? Move on. A podcast is the new mainstream content creation platform for brands. Learn here about why you need to create a podcast for your brand and how to get started with it.

Content creators are relentless. They are always exploring new and creative methods to reach out to their audience. One of them being podcasting. Podcasting has now become one of the most sought-after platforms for companies and individuals to produce their content. However, there haven’t been many of them producing quality content. Thankfully, there are many tools and techniques available to level up your podcasting game. Here are a few reasons why you need to add podcasting to your content strategy and some of the best podcast editing practices to ensure better reach!

Reasons Why You Need to Add Podcasting to Your Content Strategy!

Facts Support the Demand for Podcasting

Other things being said, data never lies. According to Live Mint, there are 40 million podcast listeners in India. This number is increasing every day, thanks to companies and influencers entering the market. The podcast has become a medium for people to learn new things, educate themselves, and get inspired.

Helps Connect with People in an Intimate & Non-Intrusive Way

Who doesn’t get frustrated with ad spam? Podcasting is a platform where people are willing to listen to you. You can promote your brand while respecting your user’s privacy in a non-intrusive and subtle way.

Multiple Language Availability

The best thing about running a podcast channel is that you can record in multiple languages. This will help you reach a broader audience. You can engage with your audience in regional languages and explore various genres.

One of the Best Mediums for Storytelling

The increasing popularity of podcasting is because it is an effective storytelling medium. You can pique the listener interest using stimulating conversations, interviews, experiences, humor, and many more. It is also an essential medium to experiment with your content and drive better reach.

5 Ways to Level Up Your Podcast Editing Game!

Identify Your End Goal

The best thing about this platform is its versatility. You can use podcasts to generate leads, increase sales, build brand awareness, or gain subscribers. A good podcast editing practice is to ensure that you have an end goal in mind. If the goal is to generate leads and increase sales, you can curate your content by addressing your customer’s problems and craft compelling CTAs to broadcast during or at the end of the podcast. Prepare an outline to prevent any mishaps and ensure a streamlined and meaningful talk.

The Context & Format Matters

Many content creators use different formats while creating their podcasts. Some use humor, some impart knowledge, while others have a meaningful talk with a reputable subject matter expert. For example, if you want to entertain your listeners, light-hearted banter will serve the purpose. Knowing the context and format will help you speed up the podcast editing process and add more qualified listeners.

Edit the Intro & Outro Correctly

The first 2–3 mins are critical as they make the listeners feel engaged. This is why the intro and outro of your podcast must be curated with care. Here are some podcast editing tips to make your intro and outro professional:

  • Pay attention to editing the music. Choose the right music and ensure that the tempo and flow are smooth and not distracting.
  • The tone that you set from the start is crucial for the best listening experience. While merging your intro, middle portion, and outro, make sure that are no sudden cuts or drastic change of tone.
  • Just as proofreading is essential for blogs and text articles, listening to your sound edits is equally critical. Listen back to your intro and outro and ensure that there is a seamless flow.

Incorporate Sound Effects

Using sound effects between the scenes can boost engagement. It can also change the dynamics of the scenes. After you have ensured that the dialogue flow is smooth, you can use sound effects to enhance your original recording. However, here the placement of the sound effect is critical. As the wrong placement of the sound effect can make it too distracting.

Hire Professional Editors

Most podcasters do not bother to find an editor. They think that they can do a good job themselves. However, that’s not the truth. Podcast editing can be a time-consuming process, and hiring professionals will lighten your load. Audio engineering has many nuances that require the correct expertise for a cohesive audio narrative. Professionals have the experience and access to the latest techniques and tools to make the listening experience feel authentic.